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Soldering circuit board
Customized Hardware & Software Development
About Us
 What we do

At SoftCircuits, we provide hardware and software design solutions to help transform your ideas into a real product. We provide complete development solutions, i.e. from prototype to the final product, customized to your requirements.

Our expertise is in embedded systems design, IOT based hardware and software solutions, advanced web applications and industrial automation and controls products.

Apart from project based solutions, we also have products for industrial automation applications.

embedded system design
Our Services

We provide customized hardware and software design solutions on project basis. We address the issues like security, durability, performance and energy efficiency in every project from the very beginning. Our capabilities include :

Building prototypes - PCB design, firmware & CAD

Product development from Proof-of-concept prototype to a production ready design. 

System integration i.e. build solutions to work with your existing machines or software.

 Our Expertise 
Industrial Automation

We build Customized hardware & software for industrial automation applications.

Embedded Solutions

We provide Embedded hardware & firmware development services as per the unique requirements of our clients.

Robotics Design Solution

Our team of experts can design robotics automation system for any application.

Web applications

Advanced web applications for your devices' remote control and monitoring

 Recent Work
Plasma THC
Home Automation
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Industrial Automation
Computer Robot
Our Clients
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