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Industrial Automation
Industrial Automation
Automate any industrial equipment

Every problem is unique and every industry has different needs. That is why our team works side by side with you to understand your requirement and provide the best possible hardware and software solution.

Our team of experts will help you with : 

  •  upgrading your existing machinery to IOT platforms.

  • Remote monitoring and control of your devices

  • control system design for your equipment

  • android and web application integration for remote control

Your partner for end-to-end solution
Discuss you idea/requirements and propose a solution
Finalize hardware/software specifications
Build a prototype and test with your equipment
Test and iterate the prototype to perform well with the equipement.
Final product based on real-world testing of prototype and revised specs.
Key Projects
Remote Control of Air Compressors
  •  A solution for remote monitoring and control of air compressors. 

  • An IOT enabled control system including a web application and a mobile application to connect traditional air compressors to the cloud.

  • Solution includes the ability for compressor configuration and setup from app.

Computer Robot
3 Phase AC Measurements

A PLC like hardware to measure 3 phase AC voltages and currents in real-time and also send the readings to the remote server

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