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IoT and need for Customized Hardware

Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionizing the way our society and businesses operate. During the last five years, IoT has seen tremendous progress in household appliances, healthcare, transportation, manufacturing, supply chain management industries, to name a few.  Every day we hear about new devices and cloud platforms being developed to connect our systems to the cloud. This trend of connected devices being managed through a conjoined system has created a demand in the industries for custom hardware capable of connecting the traditional systems to the cloud.

Single board computers and open source standard hardware devices like Arduino, Raspberry pi, Intel Galelio etc. provide a good option for quick and easy prototyping of such IoT devices, but they have limitations. The prefabricated hardware may not always meet your exact requirements i.e. they may lack an interfaces or functionality or provide unnecessary features, causing higher costs. You may want to configure the device to match the prerequisites of your system like device size, design, performance,even the firmware, but the scope is very limited in the ready-made devices. And lastly there is always a chance of your device being copied or hacked by other people if it is based on some mass-produced design.

How can we help?

We are committed to provide the design and development solutions for IoT devices, built specifically to address your requirements. From the conceptualization of the project to system integration, we work with you to understand your unique demands and create a product which meets your organizational concern (in terms of size, security details and functionality). If you require a device or a system which you can not find in the market you can reach out to us and we shall design and develop the solution meeting your exact demands.

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